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The new update is finally released!

posted Apr 3, 2009, 2:01 PM by Or Sharir
It took a bit more time than I expected but the new update was finally approved by Apple and I strongly recommend you´ll update to the new version since it fixes many bugs that I know annoyed many of you.

The main changes are:
  1. More Chords - Chord diagrams are now generated instead of loaded out of a static library, and what it means for you is that now almost any chord should have a chord diagram.
  2. Alternative Chords - Another advantage of this new feature is the addition of alternative chords, so you can now see all the different ways to play a chord.
  3. Alternative Tunings & Instruments - You can change the instrument used for the chord diagrams, or its tuning, so you can display chords for mandolin, ukulele or any other string based instrument (with at most 6 strings). This setting can be changes from the "Settings" app, under the settings for MySongbook.
  4. Show/Hide Chord Diagrams - If you want to save screen real estate and don´t want to see the special chord diagrams that are part of a song (the ones under the title before the lyrics), then you can now hide them, either temporarily or permanently (again through the "Settings" app).
I´ve also made some changes to the user interface so that now it reacts better, and I think improves the usability a bit. The UI changes are:
  1. The bottom tool bar is always shown, so it´s now possible to change the scrolling speed in real time while the song is scrolling.
  2. There´s a number indicator of the scrolling speed so it´s easier to synchronize the scrolling speed between devices.
  3. The top bar is only shown if you tap the screen, and not if you just touch it, so it´s easier to scroll it.
And also, like I wrote, there are many bug fixes... some about encoding issues, some about downloading chord files, and all kind of small glitches.

BTW, I´m still on my vacation in South America, which so far is going great... seen many beautiful landscapes and met many interesting people...