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New Update (version 1.2) + Vacation

posted Mar 20, 2009, 4:28 PM by Or Sharir
I've just finished working on a new update to MySongbook, that should be available for download in the next two weeks (depending on a bit more testing, and as usual Apple's review process).

This update doesn't include everything that I thought I'll be able to get done in time, because I discovered a lot of bugs that needed to be fixed (all kind of weird file encoding issues to name a few), and so I spent more time tracking down those bugs and figuring how to fix them, than working on new features.

The main new feature in this update is that now there's a chord voicing engine inside my app - that basically means that now instead of having a library of chord diagrams that I had to type by hand, MySongbook will generate the voicing for the chord. What this means, is that now almost any chord you can think of will have a chord diagram, and not only that, but you'll be able to see all the alternative forms of playing that chord. Also, if you are left handed or happen to play a banjo, mandolin, ukulele or another string instrument (up to 6 strings), you'll also be able to view chord diagrams for your instrument (through the general Settings).

I still plan to add more features in the future, and stuff like playlists and downloading songbooks from are still on my to do list, but I'm afraid they would have to wait for the next update. I simply do not want to delay this update any longer because of all the bugs that I discovered and fixed, and so I'm sorry if you were looking forward for one of those features, and ask that you'll be willing to wait a little longer.

I also want to announce that I'll be going on a vacation in South America for a while - this was planned long ago, and was actually delayed for some time now, so I could work a bit more on this app. While I'll be there, I'll still be answering your emails and support requests, though it would probably take me longer than the usual quick response you've been accustomed to. I expect that I'll be able to check my mail at aleast once or twice per week, so don't worry if it takes me a few days to answer your question (and if one of you is happen to be from that area, then recommendations for places to see are also very welcomed).