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New update to MySongbook coming soon

posted Feb 24, 2009, 4:59 AM by Or Sharir
First I would like to thank all of you who purchased my app, and for all the good reviews you wrote in iTunes (keep it up! :) ) and the kind words of those who sent me emails - You've really motivated me to work harder on this app!
I would also like to especially thank those who took the time to send me suggestions for new features and changes to make this app even better. Some of this features and future features I'm now working on are directly influenced by you. I encourage you to keep sending me suggestions, and as always I'll try to reply to you as quickly as I can.

So back to the update... I've just finished working on the first update to MySongbook, and sent it to apple for testing and approval, so I'm estimating that it should be released around the weekend or the beginning of next week.
What's new you ask?
  1. Chord Transposition - a much requested feature that many of you asked - ask and you shall receive. Also note that this option is saved to the song, so you only need to set it once per song.
  2. Browser Bookmarks - some of you wanted a way to save frequently used pages, or search results, so now you can the same way you use Safari's bookmarks.
  3. Find more songs of the same artist
  4. Minor bug fixes (thanks for those who noticed and let me know):
    1. Chord diagrams now show 5 or 6 frets correctly
    2. Zooming in and out of tabs in plain-text mode is now supported (double tap, no pinching)
    3. Fixed some memory leaks
    4. Now after saving a chord file you will be presented with an option to keep browsing or go to the song
Coming up in the next update... alternative chord voicings (also mean better support for unusual chords), support for different tunings/instuments (mandolin and ukulele players rejoice!), and auto-fill for search history and browsing history.

Again, thanks everyone who purchased my app and sent me supportive emails... you're the greatest! :)