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MySongbook Version 1.1 Was Released

posted Mar 3, 2009, 1:16 AM by Or Sharir
It took a little while longer than I expected, but the first update (of many) had just been released, and should be available to download. As I said on my previous post, the main changes are chord transposition and browser bookmarks.
I'm already working hard on the next update, which should at least include alternative voicings, support for different tunings, and probably auto-fill. There are also a few bugs with downloading zip files from some sites, which should be fixed, and I'll see what else I'll be able to cram in there (maybe basic playlist support, downloading songbooks from chordie, editing/deleting songs by artist...).

Again I want thank everyone for the great reviews your posting, and for all the great suggestions I'm receiving - THANK YOU!