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iPhone OS 3.0

posted Mar 18, 2009, 1:36 AM by Or Sharir
Something amazing happened yesterday - Apple showed a preview of their next software update to the iPhone/iPod, which will open up the iPhone for many new possibilities, which were until now impossible (possimpible ?), and I can already imagine all the great new features I'll be able to add to MySongbook.

One of the many new features, is the ability to finally use the built-in music library from third party app, which means that I'll be able to link from a song in MySongbook, to a song in your own music library, and play in the background while you practice how to play it on the guitar... now how great is that?
Another great new feature, is peer-to-peer connection between close by iPhones. Now imagine that you play in a band, or just with a friend, and you both have MySongbook - you'll be able to sync your scrolling speed and position within the song between all the players. This will also allow you to share songs you wrote with your friends with a simple click.
And that's not all! (hate sounding like a sales person) - there's even a way for me to simply add audio recording capabilities, so you could record yourself playing!

...and all those things are just the tip of what will be possible when this new version will be available in the summer - too bad it's so far away... just when I thought I had the road map for MySongbook all figured out, Apple had to come along and make me think of all these great new features... damn you Apple! :)