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Good news everyone! :)

posted Sep 9, 2009, 5:14 PM by Or Sharir   [ updated Sep 9, 2009, 6:15 PM ]
[2 points for anyone who read the title as Professor Farnsworth]

It took a while (much more than I anticipated), but now the new version is finally out! It might be a while before all of apple's servers be updated with the change, but it shouldn't be more than a day, and would probably be less than a couple of hours. Make sure you're downloading version 1.2.1 (or 1.2.2 - it's the same, but I made a slight mistake and the app itself is version as 1.2.2, while I entered 1.2.1 on the description of the store).

As you should know by now (and if not I recommend reading this and this), this version is for making MySongbook compatible with the new iPhone OS 3.x (including, but not limited to, the scrolling bugs), and fixing the database corruption issues. I also updated a few external libraries that I use (like the wonderful Tap4Help), and I also use an analytic library (of Pinch Media) to help me better understand the usage of the app (in other words, find which features are less used, and see how I can improve them). This library only sends anonymous data (very much like Google Analytics and alike, that are used on most websites), though you can easily turn that off in the "Settings" app.

One more thing that was changed is the app's rating - Now the rating is 17+ instead of 4+. That's because I'm using the built-in browser inside my app, so I have to rate my app at that level (it's Apple's policy). There isn't any real content inside my app to earn that rating for those of you who might be worried.

So that's it! If no issues will be reported in the next week or so, I will be able to go back to actually developing new features.

PS - keep checking my website (or become a fan of MySongbook's Facebook Page to get updates) - now that this whole thing is behind me, I also plan on writing more about my experience developing for the iPhone (like tools I use, trends I notice, etc), about my progress on new features, and who knows what else.