MySongbook is an app for finding, viewing and managing your song's chords and lyrics, and as its name suggests - it is a digital songbook - your songbook.
MySongbook uses the simple ChordPro format to display chords, and also offers limited support for plain-text mode for tabs.


Screenshots and Videos

Main Features:

  • Finding new chords from within the app using the built-in browser and search functions ( or
  • Support ZIP files for automatically adding multiple ChordPro files
  • Supports landscape mode for better viewing
  • Auto scrolling for playing with the song
  • Displaying chord diagrams right from inside the app
  • Transposing chords to a different scale
  • Basic editing and manually typing of song's chords
  • Right-To-Left support


Quick Guide:

  1. Finding/Adding Chords - You simply use the built-in browser inside the app, and when chords are detected in a page(website or text file), the "Save Chords" button would become active. You enter the browser from the "Find New Chords" tab, where you can either type a web address or use the built-in search that uses or Google.
    You can also manually type in a chord using the "+" button at "Artists" or "Songs" tabs.
  2. Chord Diagrams - When you view a song, just click on a chord to see how to play it. The app also supports local chord definitions, and displays them at the top of the page, and uses them instead of the default chord library.
  3. Auto Scrolling - When viewing a song, at the bottom toolbar there's a button "Auto Scroll" to start/stop auto scrolling and a slider to change to scrolling speed. Whenever the slider is changed, auto scrolling is activated automatically.
  4. Editing Chords - When you create a new song manually (Using the "+" button) or when viewing a song's details page ("Details" button in view mode), you can edit the song's information: Title, Artists, File Type (ChordPro or Plaintext) & Text Direction. You can also edit the actual chords file.
  5. Zip Downloads!!! - If you already have a large collection of ChordPro files, you can compress them to a zip file, upload the file to the web (webmail, website, ftp, etc.), and download the file to the app through the built-in browser, and all the chords it can find  will be added (without duplicates) to the your library automatically.
  6. Delete Songs - From the song's view, tap on "Details", then on "Edit" and "Delete".
Important Note: It is recommended to use the built-in search for (which is a great site that I have nothing to do with) because it already searches for chords on most popular sites, and format them accordingly in the ChordPro format, or where appropriate tag them as tabs.

Why The App Was Created & Future Plans:

This app was mainly created out of my love of playing the guitar, and was envision based on what I wanted from such an app. I knew I wanted an easy way to view chords, that would be as simple as possible, because at the end what really matters is playing the guitar and not the app - the app must not obstruct me playing my favorite songs.

While i believe that the current release satisfies my basic needs, I already have plenty of ideas that would satisfy the needs of those who want more than just playing along to their favorite songs. A few of them:
  1. Visual Editing Of Songs - basically more touching less typing – making typing in brand new chords simple and fun.
  2. Learning Mode - a special way of displaying songs as to help those who have just began learning to play - think of a kind of karaoke for guitar players.
  3. Playlists - For those who like performing, it would be possible to create playlists on the go, reorder the songs, set delay between songs and more to help your show
  4. Transposing Chords - I know many people wanted that feature, but since I wanted to focus on the basic features for the first release, I needed to draw the line between what was true essential and what could be postponed until the next release. - Added in version 1.1
  5. Better Integration With - Like downloding your personal songbooks from, and saving them as playlists.
... and I have plenty more just bubbling inside my head.